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CabMe Taxi App


CabMe Taxi App is based in Antwerp, Belgium and is aimed to provide the best quality taxi services only through regulated taxis at the best market prices



cabme taxi app offers not only taxi services but multipule taxi services in different domains of life

Airport Transport

CabMe Taxi App is used to order your airport taxi 24/7 from anywhere


CabMe Taxi App is used to order your taxi 24/7 from anywhere in Belgium


are you organizing an event, we can handle any requests for the taxi rides to meet your needs. 

long distance

CabMe Taxi App is used to meet your long distance taxi needs. send us an email or call for best prices

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You can book your cab in the following ways
you can order your taxi using the following ways with us! we tried to make it easy for our valued customers
using our taxi app
if you are using a smart phone! it is so easy to order a taxi with us! simply download our app and order your cab using our app! you will automatically will be directed to the nearest taxi in your area
book your taxi using our website
you can also book your taxi using our website. All you need to do is to login your account and book your taxi on our website. while using taxi on our website you ride still be sent to the nearest available driver in your area
call us and we'll appoint a nearest driver to book your taxi
Though we recommend to use our taxi app or website for booking your cab but you are also welcome to call us and we’ll appoint a nearest driver to you and or will book your taxi to serve you in future

FAQ for drivers and for taxi users

do you have some questions before using cabme me taxi app to order your taxi

Download our app

you can download our app following given links in our website. Either you are using a smart phone or iOS, links will follow you through to download our app

your privacy

please read through our privacy policy to understand how we do handle the data we are collecting to serve our taxi customers

prices on our app and our website

there is not difference between the prices at our websites and at our app. taxi prices might vary based on availability of taxis and customers ordering the taxis. there might be the times when there prices can be doubled when it is very busy. 

Do you have any complain

If you have any complain! just send us a message straight at our number +32471220045 or call or whatsApp. We’ll try our best to resolve your complain immediately

Taxi app for hotels and companies

Are you operating a hotel or a company or any organization which needs taxis on regular basis? Drop us an email and we’ll provide you special packages for our corporate clients

Taxi app for hotels and companies

Are you operating a hotel or a company or any organization which needs taxis on regular basis? Drop us an email and we’ll provide you special packages for our corporate clients

cancellation fee after ordering a taxi

we apply a fixed fee of 10 euros if a customer cancel the ride after accepted by a driver

are you a taxi driver or taxi company who want to give taxi services

we try to answers all the questions that you may have in this section. You are  free to contact us if you have more questions on using our app to serve the customers
Requirements to be a taxi driver

cabme taxi app only allow regulated and lisensed taxi drivers and taxi operators to serve the taxi services to its clients. We demand taxi driver lisense, drivers lisense, documents of your car along with the picture of taxi lisense issued by the town hall. 

handling of complains

we understand that taxi drivers understand the customer services in taxi sector. our customers continuously rate drivers at the end of every ride. negative and bad rating may affect your membership with us. We follow strict complaint policy rules and continuous bad rating and 3 non serve complaint will cancel your membership with us. for companies, we will keep a control on negative rating and complaints and same applies to the drivers of a company too.

contact with the customers

after accepting a ride we expect our drivers to take a straight contact using application chat section or by calling. 

responding to customers

we expect to respond customer calls immediately when you are serving to them. in case of emergancy call the customer and also inform the central about the problem immediately

ignore a ride

cabme taxi app expect all the drivers to accept rides straight when they receive the request. we want a solid reason of ignoring a ride mentioned in our app

We Pick You Up Anywhere

cabme taxi app will pick you up anywhere! we have taxi drivers and taxi companies network all over the country. we can come to pick you up from other parts of Europe also. so feel free to order your taxi rides with us

know your driver

because of dynamic taxi ordering system, details of the driver will stay with you forever and you’ll feel that you are not driving with a stranger.

flate rate fee

you will always know your estimated taxi prices which will help you to pay surprised prices or hidden fee.

flexible cancelation

we do not charge any fee unless you book taxi directly and cancel your ride when the taxi driver is on the way to pick you up. you can always cancel your bookings anytime unless driver is not on the way to pick you up